I Don’t Know If Brandy Was Dropped By Her Label Or Not, But I Do Know That Her Song “Decisions” Is Quite The Jam

Last night, word spread around the Internet that R & B singer Brandy had been dropped by both her management company (Roc Nation) and her label (Epic Records), although her rep said to one of the outlets reporting the story that Brandy was actually trying to get out of said deals and not the other way around. The singer herself took to Twitter decrying “so called journalist[s]” who “spread false rumors without the facts.” So while people are wondering what label will release her next album (because major-label affiliations clearly matter these days), can we take a second to appreciate her new-ish track “Decisions,” which is apparently from the sessions for her next album? “Decisions” is a keyboard-spangled duet with Ne-Yo that’s set up as a conversation between two about-to-stray people and the angels and devils positioned on their respective shoulders, and it’s one of the better R & B tracks I’ve heard in a year stuffed full of very good ones. Clip after the jump.

Brandy – “Decisions” feat. Ne-Yo [YouTube]#notagoodlook [Twitter]Brandy Dropped By Epic Records [Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]
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