“Bandslam” Shows Us The Effects Of Gentrification On The Youth

Jul 10th, 2009 // 13 Comments

The Vanessa Hudgens/Aly Michalka battle-of-the-bands flick Bandslam opens on Aug. 14, and we have a peek at a scene that will likely tug at more than a few heartstrings. In the clip (located after the jump), rebel girl Sa5m (Hudgens) and new-kid-in-town Will (Gaelan Connell) take the train from their New Jersey home into the city and wind up sneaking into the shuttered CBGB, where Will runs down an abbreviated history of rock and roll as seen through the lens of 315 Bowery—including its rent-increased denouement.

Maybe in 2049 we’ll see a teen flick that has a scene with kids running through the ruins of the John Varvatos store currently in that space… but probably not.

Preview clip: Bandslam [YouTube]
Bandslam [Official site]


  1. “CBGB’s. The nerve center of EVERYTHING that mattered in music in the past 40 years.”

    Yep. This is a movie for white people.

  2. @natepatrin: Aw, that’s not exactly fair…not to get too technical, but as a brown person who grew up upper middle class and is just emerging from that insipidity …this is a movie for MIDDLE CLASS+ PEOPLE. There are quite a few token browns in there…and I will probably enjoy this movie…

    This is how I feel about the audience for all popular/commercial indie-pandering music and film in the last few years or so.

    That said…I will probably still think this movie is cute.

  3. In the following scene, Will explains how Debbie Harry invented hip-hop.

  4. i’m excited for this flick too. hey, i liked ‘sleepover’!

  5. Well, that was a glib, probably reductive way of rolling my eyes at the whole undercurrent of that scene, which basically turns the whole punk mythology into something as self-absorbed as the worst baby boomer tendencies. I kind of lose my rational-thought capabilities when popular media pretends that hip hop, modern R&B and anything developed outside the boundaries of Ramones-worship never happened.

  6. @Maura: I wish we could use that as a pull-quote for the “Bandslam” DVD: “Hey, I Liked ‘Sleepover’!” – Maura Johnson, Idolator

  7. @natepatrin: But those other genres just don’t matter, you see, because they’re not really MUSIC.

  8. “Without CBGBs, there’d be no Sex Pistols or The Clash.” Really?

  9. @Neonlicht: it was originally gonna be “the pub rock circuit and dr. feelgood” but nobody in the focus groups got the reference.

  10. It’s like Bring It On meets Satisfaction meets ABC’s TGIF shows. I’m definitely not the audience for this.

    Is she supposed to be into that guy in the clip? It sure seemed like she was, but that don’t make no sense.

  11. Something tells me that those kids have never even heard a Clash or Sex Pistols album. They would be the kind of people at the back of CBGBs near the door feeling awkward and uncomfortable and thinking about leaving about a minute after they walk in.

  12. If they really wanted to invoke the spirit of CBs, she would attempt to go down on him in the downstairs bathroom, while he would attempt to steal $10 dollars from her purse to cop a fix. And neither would be successful.

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