Lily Allen Is Asking The Girl In The Mirror To Change Her Ways

Jul 13th, 2009 // 11 Comments

The video for Lily Allen’s musing on whether women of her generation have been stamped with an expiration date, “22,” chronicles those moments that members of the fairer sex spend in the bathroom during late nights at clubs—scrutinizing themselves in the mirror, intoxicated on both the offerings served up by the establishments’ bartenders and the peacocking they’ll have to go through once they escape through the doors marked WOMEN. Clip after the jump.

I spun Allen’s “Everyone’s At It”—also from It’s Not Me It’s You—a couple of times the other night, and what struck me about both that and the above song were how resolutely bleak they both are, somewhat uptempo music aside, and how the characterization of her as the 20something generation’s Jarvis Cocker might be more apt than not. Of course, if her next album is a collection of completely unjaded Ibiza anthems I’ll revoke that assessment.

Lily Allen – 22 [YouTube]

  1. Every video that comes out from this album just makes me like it (and her) more, and I already liked it (and her) a lot!

  2. I don’t know, I’ve stopped listening to this album ever since Pitchfork referred to it as “butt” in a news blurb mentioning Allen tour dates or something.

  3. Why are there urinals in the women’s room in this video?

    I hate it when chicks colonize the men’s room…

  4. @Audif Jackson Winters IV: Oh, it’s Tom Breihan, so that makes sense.

  5. The title for this post is amazing.

    I think this is my favourite out of all of her videos for this album because it actually goes with the story told in the song rather than just obliquely referring to it.

  6. God I hate her, I thought she was gone for good because I hadn’t heard about her in a while.

  7. @drunkwithpower: A while means = 48 hours?

  8. @brasstax: a month? I don’t read many websites that mention her.

  9. God, speaking as a thirtysomething lady who was basically the in the spot she’s singing about a while back, I kind of wish you dudes out there would stop carping about Pitchfork and thinking she sucks and just, you know, like, think about how the other half lives. Thank you.

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