Pete Wentz Uses Twitter To Reach Out

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz just hit the million-follower mark on the micronavelgazing service Twitter, and to celebrate he’s decided to rally his followers to each donate one dollar to Invisible Children, the nonprofit organization that’s working toward ending unrest in Uganda (Fall Out Boy has worked with Invisible Children in the past, most notably on the band’s 2007 video for “Me and You.”) Wentz’s blog post on the movement, which he’d been hinting at as his follower count climbed over the past week, is below:

When I started on here with twitter I had no idea a couple of weird jokes, that didn’t even make sense to me half the time, and funny links would end me up with a million followers. I realize I spend most of the time saying things that are only funny to me or directing you towards my friends songs or buying a t-shirt. I realize we can us Twitter as a social/philanthropic tool in new media too. So I figured my tweet for my millionth follower should be really special. I set up this site to make it easy for us to help our friends in East Africa. To be a part of bringing an end to the longest civil war in Africa that has been largely ignored by the media. This is an example of how every single person counts. If even half of the million people following me donate a dollar to this it will mean a huge difference for these kids. I’ve been there on the ground and its well worth it. Also, those who donate or ReTweet will get a special shout on the site w/ their @name for participating. Thanks to twitter and invisible children for the chance to do this. So much for my millionth follower tweet. (I even worked on my spelling and capitalization for this one! haha kind of.)

Those of you interested in how other people use all these newfangled Web tools for good should check out Charitini, too. (And yes, I donated, just in case you were wondering.)the million tweet. [A Homeboy’s Life]