Katy Perry Takes Brave Anti-Pop Music Stance

Jul 14th, 2009 // 26 Comments

Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” has been out for about a month now, but one pop star has just heard it—and upon being exposed to it for the first time, she decided to embrace its anti-technology, go-hard message. That person? None other than the pizza-loving fake bisexual Katy Perry, who apparently felt Jay was speaking to her when he laid down lines like “My raps don’t have melodies / this should make jackers wanna go and commit felonies” and “This ain’t a No. 1 record / this is practically assault with a deadly weapon.” No, for real, I’m not kidding:


Yes, Katy Perry is saying that fewer artists should pitch their wares to the Z100 crowd, and also that processed vocals are completely 200-late. So is this a sign that her next album will be prefaced by her spitting freestyles on Funk Flex’s show, or is she just blowing off steam because the storming chart ascent of Lady GaGa has caused “Waking Up In Vegas” to stall out on the Billboard Hot 100? I guess we won’t know until her mix tape drops!

Katy Perry [Twitter; HT Andy Hutchins]
D.O.A. Lyrics [Lyrics.com]


  1. Considering autotune is the only thing that makes her sound tolerable and every one of her songs outside of IKAG (which was its own brand of horrendousness) has sounded like a P!nk offcut, I think she should quit trying to be the totally-non-pandering-to-commercial-radio pop princess that she isn’t.

  2. Are we sure Katy isn’t talking about her career when she tweets about D.O.A?

  3. My hatred for Katy Perry is second only to my hatred for Fergie. The idea of her pointing out anything wrong with the music industry is like a serial killer preaching about the sanctity of human life.

  4. I sort of reluctantly liked “Hot N Cold” for awhile, until I realized the chorus (the main bit of it I actually enjoyed) sounded way too much like the chorus for “U and Ur Hand.”

    Katy Perry might actually benefit from more processed vocals. (The rest of us would benefit from no vocals from her at all.)

  5. The first track I heard from Katy Perry was an awesome remix to “Ur So Gay.”

    I’d think the only thing worse than pretentious hipster pop would be faux-hipster pop, but I LOVED that track. Yeah, she was manufactured, but she had a team of writers with a sense of humour who also knew how to show off her raw, non-digitally altered voice.

    But then we got whatever it is she is now exactly.

  6. The problem with pop is not the melodies, it’s ‘artists’ like Katy Perry who can’t sing for s.h.i.t. I blame this on Madonna, who made it possible to succeed as a performer first and a singer second. Katy, if you want to solve what’s wrong with pop, go back to songwriting and leave the singing to people with actual talent.

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