Michael Jackson Now Healing The World From Car Hoods

Jul 15th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Last week, apparitions of Michael Jackson were appearing in tree stumps in California; apparently those weren’t the only ones to make themselves known, if the above photo of a Rover 200, shot in the UK a few weeks back, can be believed. Yes, the photo above is apparently an un-doctored shot of Michael Jackson sort of appearing on a car’s hood, taken 18 hours after his passing. And it’s a complete coincidence! The lensman, Gary Sloggett, didn’t mean for Jackson to appear in the shot—he was just looking to snap some photos for a want ad:

‘It’s quite extraordinary,’ said Gary, of Stafford. ‘The obvious explanation is that it seems to be some sort of cloud formation that just happened at the time.’

‘But I’ve shown the picture to quite a few people and without prompting they all say: ‘That’s Jacko.’

‘To be honest I’m a bit of a sceptic and I’m not the world’s greatest Michael Jackson fan, but as soon as I saw the picture on my computer it set me thinking.

‘I’m not saying I’ve been touched by any sort of presence, but it is pretty unusual. I was a bit bemused to say the least. ‘

Unfortunately the clouds have moved since then, so California law enforcement can’t hop on a plane and ask the car hood questions about the circumstances of the pop star’s passing. And even more unfortunately for Sloggett, the fleeting nature of the Jackson apparition meant that he couldn’t jack up the price of the car, which wound up selling for £650 ($1,067.55)

Ghostly image of Michael Jackson appears on car bonnet [Telegraph via Jalopnik]


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