The Rick Astley / Nirvana Mash-Up: A Not Very Good Attempt To Make Kurt Cobain Rickroll Over In His Grave

Jul 20th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Despite attempts to quash the Internet trend of Rickrolling—which included Twitter whacking of Rick Astley—the phenomena of playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” at odd moments is still making enough people on the internet snicker for the meme to persist. Keeping that in mind, here is “Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up,” a blend of Astley’s 1987 track with the song that broke a little Washington band called Nirvana only a few years later. After the jump, hear why this mash-up was basically concocted for the purposes of making its creator, DJ Morgoth, have his 15 seconds of Digg fame and little else.

Ugh, right? I mean, how much lazier can you get? No pitch-shifting? No trying to make the thing a song, instead of an attempt to get Twitter traction? My antipathy toward this particular attempt at online infamy is only reinforced by “Smells Like Booty,” a blend of “Teen Spirit” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” put forth by the master DJs Soulwax at the turn of this decade:

Much better.

Nirvana vs. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up [YouTube]
Destiny’s Child vs. Nirvana – Smells Like Booty [YouTube]

  1. Agreed on all counts (including the brilliance of “Smells Like Booty”).

    The video I find amusing just for its well-executed juxtapositions, of Astley butt-wiggle with the Anarchy cheerleaders, for example. But you’re right, the mashup is so lazy; it barely qualifies as a song.

  2. jjb

    Complaints about pitchiness or songiness are trees; the forest is that this mashup makes Rick Astley seem like a vocal powerhouse and it makes Nirvana’s song structure look generic. Maybe you already admire Astley’s singing and think Kurt Cobain not much of a composer, but to hundreds of thousands of Internet users, Astley is just a bad joke and Cobain is a musical genius. DJ Morgoth kept his meddling to the barest minimum, left those issues on the table and put thousands of jaws on the floor.

  3. @jjb: eh, i guess. i don’t think my enjoyment of a pop song should be that dependent on context — particularly mashups, which often sound *better* when you don’t know that they’re hybrid creations. (true story: i’d never heard ‘hard to explain’ when i first heard ‘a stroke of genie-us.’)

    and i doubt this is going to make people stop saying ‘lol rick astley,’ although hey, if it does, more power to morgoth.

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