Michael Jackson Needs To Heal The World (Wide Web) (From The Crazies)

Jul 20th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Nikki Finke’s scoop on the sale of rehearsal footage from Michael Jackson’s ill-fated run of comeback shows is certainly interesting, and it has the level of creepdom required of every Jackson-related story thanks to AEG Live’s president Randy Phillips’ assertion that the company had “more than 100 hours of footage that could be turned into live albums, a movie and a pay-per-view special. He was our partner in life and now he’s our partner in death.” Wow, you’ll never be torn apart. Congratulations! (Hope it pays the bills.) And if that bit of postmortem synergizing doesn’t make you feel bad enough about the world, why not read the comments below Finke’s story? Murder accusations! Conspiracy theories involving the Los Angeles’ mayor’s office! Bad puns on the word HIStory! And the below comment, which I guess is from someone who thought he was at Gizmodo:

I guess the arrested development 40 something’s going on 18 will be in rapt attention waiting for every thump from their sub-woofer as this pop culture winds through their HDMI video connection to their Pioneer Kiro 60″ plasma display. It is hoped they have standard, non projection video reproduction of at least this quality. Oh well. It’s time to purchase a low resolution MP-3 file of Mr. Jackson’s music. I wonder why there are no DVD “A” audio or SACD offerings. I guess they do not off load to Ipods easily because the copyright software is beyond their capabilities.

What does that even mean? Why did that anti-DRM rant not mention the new KaZAA? Oh, Internet, you are never going to stop acting like a big bundle of crazy about this, are you.

UPDATE: Hollywood Competing For Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage: NBC Likely To Snag TV Special & Sony Probable For Live Albums And Film; Bidding For Movie Rights Began At $50 Mil, TV Rights At $10 Mil [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

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