The “Jennifer’s Body” Soundtrack Might Be The Most Idolator-Ish Release Of The Year

Much as I hate to admit it, the people putting together the soundtrack for Diablo Cody’s emo-leaning, Megan Fox-enhanced entrant into the vampire genre Jennifer’s Body might very well have compiled an album that will prove to be the 2009 equivalent of, say, the Batman Forever soundtrack (or at least the album accompanying Batman & Robin) as far as summing up a very particular pop aesthetic at a very particular point in time. Well, at least I’m supporting Amanda Seyfried’s acting efforts, I guess. Track list after the jump.

1. Kiss With a Fist – Florence and The Machine
2. New Perspective – Panic! At The Disco
3. Teenagers – Hayley Williams
4. New In Town – Little Boots
5. Finishing School – Dashboard Confessional
6. Through The Trees – Low Shoulder
7. Time – Cute Is What We Aim For
8. I Can See Clearly – Screeching Weasel
9. Chew Me Up – Cobra Starship
10. toxic valentine – All Time Low
11. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend – Black Kids
12. Death – White Lies
13. Celestial Crown – The Sword
14. Little Lover’s So Polite – Silversun Pickups
15. Ready For The Floor – Lissy Trullie
Bonus track: Violet – Hole

The Mercury Prize fave alongside the once-again-banging Panic! At The Disco? Vintage Hole? Screeching Weasel? That freaking Black Kids song? I mean, come on, this is catnip that’s been pretty much designed to make me dislike Diablo Cody a little bit less. I can only hope that Hayley Williams’ contribution to the proceedings is a My Chemical Romance cover. A trailer for the flick is below.

Jennifer’s Body Trailer HD [YouTube]
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  • walkmasterflex

    jeez, this soundtrack is gonna be like walking into an american apparel that was recently installed inside a larger urban outfitters

  • MayhemintheHood

    So you’re saying is that it looks like a good soundtrack, or a bad one? Diablo Cody reads Idolator, so maybe she was trying to please you.

  • walkmasterflex

    i’m saying this looks like a soundtrack that’s going to please a lot of people that shop at those locations. i don’t really enjoy either, though i am a sucker for screeching weasel

  • MayhemintheHood

    By the way, I hadn’t thought about that Batman Forever soundtrack for awhile(actually, it was maybe a couple weeks ago), and I’d buy four copies of it before getting one JB soundtrack.

  • MayhemintheHood

    @walkmasterflex: I was actually asking Maura that question, but I liked your initial comment. That Screeching Weasel song is a fun cover.

  • walkmasterflex

    @MayhemintheHood: oh woops. i need to be a little less narcissistic, haha

  • Maura

    @MayhemintheHood: Haha, I’m sure she doesn’t, but thanks for the ego boost.

    This record maybe needs one or two R & B songs for it to be TOTALLY this site-d out (hey you can swap them with the DC track), but given the realities of the current marketplace, etc.

  • MayhemintheHood

    @Maura: You really don’t think so? I’m not so sure…back when this was part of all the Gawker stuff, the only private-message-thingy I ever received was from Diablo_Cody, and it was because I said in a comment that “Katy Perry looks like Brooke Busey…errr…Diablo Cody”. She said something like “She’s hot, so thanks…and it’s Brook, no “e” thank you”. I did some research and found some other legit stuff on the Gawker sites(Defamer, mostly). I like to think it really was her, but really is it that far fetched.

  • VivaLaMainstream

    Solo Hayley Williams, Dashboard, Panic! and Silversun Pickups all on one disc? I’ll buy two!

  • BradNelson

    Despite my thinking that All Time Low should quit music and forever retreat behind their hair (because they are awful, see), this soundtrack is fucking amazing (as is Batman Forever‘s, I mean, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mazzy Star and the best Seal song ever because when you listen to it you can see him clench his fists and leak out pain), sort of a who’s who at Fueled by Ramen with some odd curveballs and featuring the thing from which all of this that you see here emerged, Screeching Weasel.

  • Ben!

    Testing to see whether my username works. I’ve emailed you a few times, Maura. Whenever I login, I’m taken to a page about Ben Affleck. No joke.

  • MayhemintheHood

    How many of these songs are exclusive to this soundtrack? I see a few old songs on it, but I don’t listen to mall music usually, so I’m not sure about the majority of the cd. If they are a bunch of new songs, then I guess people have something to be excited for.

  • brownie

    This is the first solo track from Hayley Williams to get a release, yes?

    Looks like it’s the beginning of the end…

  • slowburn

    @walkmasterflex: Comment of the day, for sure.

  • saintvee
  • kicking222

    Not a single artist (and that’s if you can call Hayley Williams an “artist”, which is debatable) on this disc that I could possibly care less about.

  • Poubelle

    There is still something horribly wrong with how the trailer lists all the acts on the soundtrack before anyone who actually worked on the movie.

    But hey, a Diablo Cody flick that’s trying too hard? What are the odds?

    Also, I hope Hayley Williams’s contribution isn’t an MCR cover–that song makes no sense sung by someone who’s barely out of her teens herself. (Also, I can’t imagine her voice working with it, at all.)

  • Lucas Jensen

    @kicking222: Pretty much agreed. I think that Dashboard Confessional was created in a special area of hell just to torment me. He’s just the worst thing ever.

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    @kicking222: I am going to have to third this sentiment. I may be a Jonas Brothers fanatic, but this here soundtrack makes me feel old and crotchety. But I must confess that the only Cobra Starship song I know is that one with the Gossip Girl in it and I think that song is the real worst kind of adolescent-pandering commercial garbage, personally. OK, stay on the lawn, I’ll just get off the porch.

  • AshafurATL

    All Time Low all the wayy. Fuck yea dude, their on the soundtrack!!
    I love them!! Got to meet them. =] Love it