Alexis Cohen, R.I.P.

Alexis Cohen, the tart-tongued American Idol contestant whose colorful language and confrontational nature gave her some early-episode cult-figure status during the show’s last two seasons, passed away after being struck by a car in New Jersey early Saturday morning. The 24-year-old Allentown, Pa., resident became well-known for cursing out Simon Cowell during the season-seven auditions:

And she was brought back this year for an even longer segment in which she at first seemed to be channeling anger-management techniques, but quickly reverted to her old ways:

Shortly after appearing on the show in season seven, she wrote about her experiences:

American Idol: to Date. Now let’s recap. Recently one of the contestants was sent to jail, for a big whopping 5 years. Another contestant lost a family member in gang activity, he himself states his wife was at the wrong place and time. Another contestant is addicted to Meth amphetamines. The list goes on. So American Idol comes to the big mean city and picks up the city’s trash, when I came out sincere as day, I almost felt like a fool, But I DO NOT REGRET the auditions in American Idol, NOT AT ALL! In Fact, if given the chance, I’d do it again, and flip Simon off the same way, Because in a Battle of wits, Simon was totally unarmed.. Though, Simon in his own way was very professional, he took a show out of nothing and created show into something entertaining. For the time being, in ways it’s ingenious, though he learned we are not all pawns in his game…Or may be we are? And he says he’s crazy…like it’s a bad thing…. Cohen had apparently been invited to try out again during this year’s auditions, but was turned away because she showed up late to the tryouts in Foxborough, Mass. In the meantime, she’d turned her attentions to stand-up comedy; she posted a video of one comedy routine she’d been working on online the day before her passing. New Jersey resident Daniel Bark has been charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene in the matter of Cohen’s death; if convicted, he could spent 10 to 15 years in prison. Cohen was 25.Man arrested in “Idol” hopeful’s death [Asbury Park Press] [Audition videos via MJ] [Comedy video via Vote For The Worst]