Joe Jonas Shows Why Drumming Should Be Left To The Professionals

Jul 27th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Friday night’s Jonas Brothers show in Philadelphia was marked by a horrible accident in which Joe Jonas decided to show off his drumming skills while his brother Nick was behind the band’s kit—and wound up coming down on the skins just in time to injure one of Nick’s drumming-hands in the process. Sibling rivalry gone wrong, or just a sign that Joe should stick to being “the cute one”? Or both? Footage of the incident, and its aftermath, after the jump.

“Do you like ham?” Of course you do, Kevin—that’s why it was so easy for you to fill the downtime with sign-reading! (Ha ha ha.) Anyway, hope Nick’s hand is OK—the boys’ next show isn’t until tomorrow, which I would imagine has given his hand at least some time to heal. I would not be surprised to learn that he took at least one opportunity during this downtime to employ his non-injured appendage in the service of giving his showboaty brother a good old-fashioned noogie.

Joe smashes Nick’s hand [YouTube via ONTD]


  1. @ObtuseIntolerant: you’re either a hyperarticulate tween like that girl in the Orphan or an adult that is obsessed with a band marketed to children.

    either way, i’m slowly backing away…

  2. @Weezy F Baby: Sorry. We all have our thing. I happen to know a lot about them and don’t care very much about what marketing tells me I am supposed to be doing (I knew who they were before they were being “marketed”) but if you’re backing away on that basis, I’m probably just as glad. :)

  3. @Weezy F Baby: Oh, and I should also mention that I’m probably publishing coverage of their world tour on any given day, if that makes it make any more sense.

  4. I seen that on YouTube!
    Poor Nick!!! Joe shouldnt play the drums when someone else it there!
    ahaha its ohk tho I still love Joe!!!

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