New Kanyeism Alert: “Director’s Cut” Can Be Translated To “More Boobs”

Jul 27th, 2009 // 1 Comment

The “director’s cut” of the cleavage-heavy, Kanye West-directed video for Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” is mainly an excuse for there to be more close-ups of the amply endowed ladies on Drake’s basketball team as they stretch, sweat, and generally test the limits of Spandex. The dumb line about The Mighty Ducks stays in, and the team still—spoiler alert!—loses at the end. Will this blatant play to the hormones of American males finally push the Degrassi star’s single to No. 1? We’ll all have to wait and see.

Drake – Best I Ever Had – Director’s Cut [Vimeo via Vicki]
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  1. I guess since he’s “the voice of this generation, of this decade,” we can only assume that this generation and this decade prefer breasts over talent.

    I’d say the real marvel is not that this will be eaten up by male fans, the thing that has always surprised me is how much female fans love this. Between this painfully crass video, and so much of Kanye’s anti-female output (golddigger, etc), I have yet to see it stop female fans from buying all of Mr. West’s output. It’s like the Jedi mind trick.

    So, I guess I should take it back, he is talented.

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