Kristinia DeBarge Feels The Rhythm Of Summer Nights That Happened Before She Was Born

Jul 28th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Our look at the closing lines of the week’s biggest new-music reviews continues with a roundup of reactions to Exposed by Kristinia DeBarge (who does happen to be related to the other musical DeBarges, in case you were wondering):

• ”Exposed really does unveil DeBarge, who’s set to open for Britney Spears this fall, as a complete package and a music marketer’s dream—a teenager who can sing grown-up songs and make them feel young, and feel comfortable with everything from hip-hop to Celine Dion ballads. Her wait to break into the public eye is about to be so totally worth it.” [Glenn Gamboa, Newsday]

• “Exposed‘s airy, girlish pop—especially cotton-candy Casio grooves like ‘Future Love’ and ‘Died in Your Eyes’—mostly recalls the female stars of her dad’s era: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Paula Abdul, and (coincidence?) Exposé.” [Leah Greenblatt, EW]

• ”So although DeBarge, who’ll open Britney Spears’ arena tour later this year, has nothing unique to say about falling in or out of love, what she does have—strong tunes, a nice voice and an ample supply of freshfaced charm—is far more important. She’s best in two tracks co-written by another savvy recycler, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic: ‘Future Love,’ originally recorded last year by the ill-fated boy band Varsity Fanclub, and ‘Speak Up,’ which Tedder also produced in his signature emosoul style (think of Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love,’ Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ or Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Already Gone’). Neither is shocking; both are awesome.” [Mikael Wood for Tribune Newspapers, in a review that I'm pretty sure was filed before yesterday's "Halo"-"Already Gone" contretemps hit the wires]

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  1. Guess which one of these quotes inspired me to check the record out!

  2. My seven cents is on the EW one.

  3. @Rockabye: Came here to post this. With that EW sentence, I’m all in.

  4. That Newsday review can’t be right. I think they mistakenly printed DeBarge’s resume cover-letter in lieu of a review.

  5. @Halfwit: The EW review is a load of crap. (Believe me, it fooled me into listening to it.) There’s nothing remotely freestyle about the album. I have a feeling that Greenblatt hasn’t listened to Lisa Lisa or Expose any time in the past decade.

  6. Please tell me this girl has gotten emancipated from her family. Keep your hands off her, Chico! Stay away, El!

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