Here We Go Again: Amerie’s “In Love & War” Pushed Back

Jul 28th, 2009 // 2 Comments

This nugget was buried at the bottom of a Billboard piece on this summer’s many delayed albums: “Singer Amerie’s long-awaited return, “In Love & War,” which originally was scheduled for an Aug. 11 release, will be available Sept. 8.” Oh… jeez… getting… flashbacks… Def Jam, take me away! Or at least release some cover art, so I can keep hope alive. [Reuters]

  1. well, damnit! she went to georgetown, right? she may have to start putting that degree to (more active) use if these yahoos keep stringing her along!

    seriously though, as we’ve learned with many major-label victims (even those who are very alive and kicking, like kelly clarkson) and as has been well-documented on this site, she probably made less off of “one thing” and her debut than conventional wisdom would suggest. i’m sure girlfriend hasn’t gone on any soulja boy-style shopping orgies, and i’m sure she’s still doing better than many of us reading this, but this is a long time to go between albums.

    but i just want to hear the music. :(

  2. @the_arcane_model: “but i just want to hear the music. :(”

    Yeah, my sentiments exactly. This announcement doesn’t bode well.

    Note: I totally have the money set aside and will be buying this CD, whenever I actually can.

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