Diddy Wears His Sunglasses At “Late Night”

Jul 29th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon featured multiple appearances from Diddy, including him assisting Fallon on “Slow Jam The News” (top) and an interview in which Diddy forgot first what show he was on, and then which late-night host named Jimmy he was talking to. After the jump, Diddy’s chat with Fallon, which swings from awkward to awkwardly self-promotional and back again. Watch how discussion of his delayed Last Train To Paris takes a, for lack of a better term, back seat to discussion of the entrepreneur’s other ventures, including his nascent mixological adventures. (I’m not going to lie: The cocktail he’s talking about, which brings together the Diddy-endorsed vodka Ciroc and grapes and lemonade, sounds quite refreshing.)

A Very Diddy Slow Jammin’ The News [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]
[via broken cool]


  1. I will say that Fallon’s getting better and better. And I love Slow Jammin’ The News. Getting The Roots as the house band is the best decision he ever made.

  2. Why? Is there any explanation?

  3. nice.. i like you

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