Miley Cyrus Thinks Jay-Z Is So Yesterday

Popjustice has an important update on the Miley Cyrus song that leaked yesterday, and that has a verse talking about hearing Jay-Z on the radio: “The version you have heard is the Demo and in the final cut [she] references ‘Kanye’ instead of ‘Jay-z.’ ” See, Jay? This is what happens when you talk about your songs not being made for pop radio! [Twitter / Popjustice]

  • cheesebubble

    Cheesebubble thinks Miley Cyrus is so yesterday.

  • Nicolars

    She’s going to end up like Hillary Duff, begging for a cameo on a lame CW show. I hope.

  • Bruno the Fishing Dog

    people have been trying to knock Hov off since his verse on “One Minute Man” was relegated to “remix” status. bring it, Miley! he’s got money stacks bigger than you! of course, Miley has money stacks bigger than Freeway, so…

  • Nie

    I used to be a big fan of JayZ. Not so much of a fan now, but please how can you not have heard of JayZ. Half of the preppy white kids at school can spit a JayZ song word for word. She’s buggin big time. I don’t know if she likes being controversial or whatever but that doesn’t make her look like a non-conformist; she looks ignorant. The more she opens her mouth the less I like her. Word of advice: Nobody knows you’re ignorant until you open your mouth to speak. Contemplate that.

  • VanDerWoodsen

    hello dont diss gossip girl just because lame has-been singers are tryin to live vicatiously through it’s success….