Ryan Tedder Throws Down A Challenge For All You Listeners Out There

After deleting his semi-confused blog post about the brouhaha involving the similarities between his compositions for Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé earlier, songwriter Ryan Tedder has released a statement defending his integrity, the merits of both songs, and Clarkson’s songwriting bona fides. Here we go…

“Already Gone” is one of the best song I’ve written or produced since “Bleeding Love” and stands tall on it’s own merits apart from “Halo”.

They are two entirely different songs conceptually, melodically, & lyrically and I would never try to dupe an artist such as Kelly Clarkson or Beyoncé into recording over the same musical track, the idea is both hurtful & absurd.

I think when people hear “Already Gone” they will hear what I hear-one of the greatest female vocalists on earth giving her most haunting and heart-breaking performance on a song she helped write.

I challenge people to listen and form their own opinions.

(Feel free to stick a sic over that whole thing, by the way.)

So that’s that, right? Or is it? Coincidentally (or not), “Already Gone” is now being offered as a free download on MySpace, which should at least be a good thing for the rubberneckers out there (and might even translate into more people finding out that All I Ever Wanted is a great record, Tedder contributions or not).

Ryan Tedder’s Official Statement on the Kelly Clarkson/Beyonce Controversy [MJ]
Free Download – Already Gone [Kelly Clarkson's MySpace Blog; HT Reed Fischer]
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  • http://cassidy2099.tumblr.com cassidy2099

    Yup, same song. Same Crap song. Guy has got guts to say otherwise. I wonder if he’ll be on MTV tomorrow doing the Vanilla Ice defense. “The drums on Halo fall with a thud, while Kelly’s song has more of a crunchy thud.”

  • http://idolator.com/ Maura

    @cassidy2099: bahahahahahaha

  • solanine

    Is it just me or is “Halo” way, way better? I would have expected Kelly Clarkson to handle this kind of song better but I find her song tepid while Beyonce’s sounds really good, to my ears.

  • solanine

    I mean, if the gender was reversed, “Already Gone” would basically be a Daughtry song.

  • dusty vinyl

    Isn’t the real problem here, everyone (record companies and artists) trying to ape Bleeding Love due to its worldwide success? If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve read the term Leona Lewis-esque in reviews …. from Beyonce’s I Am, through Kelly’s latest, Jordin Sparks’s Battlefield, Kristinia DeBarge’s new album etc

    Of course the song they should be trying to ape is the beautiful Better In Time, but that’s another story.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @solanine: Surprisingly, IAWTC.

  • http://www.17tracksonline.com 17tracks

    Sure the songs sound similar but that’s what you get when its by the same songwriter. It wouldn’t be an issue if Kelly didn’t make it one. Still, I like that she did; she refuses to be a puppet.

  • jlince

    They sound almost identical. Kelly was right in thinking she got ripped off. Yes you do get similar sounds when you use the same song writer, but that was a little too similar.

  • kychan

    @solanine Halo is definitely much better

    The songs are very similar rhythmically and have a similar instrumentation but the vocal production and chord progression are definitely distinct from Halo. You can say “same song, same crap” but then that accusation would be pointed at about 3/4 of the ballads out there.