Madonna Wants Everybody To Come On, Dance, And Sing

Jul 30th, 2009 // 6 Comments

ARTIST: Madonna
TITLE: “Celebration”
WEB DEBUT: July 30, 2009

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: The title track from Madonna’s forthcoming greatest-hits album Celebration leaked today, and the Paul Oakenfold-produced track sounds like it could have been scrounged from the You Can Dance cutting-room floor; Madge is singing about partying and not recognizing clubbing partners while they’re clothed over a brash, synthpop-by-the-numbers beat. Her voice still has that sorta-strangled post-Ray Of Light quality—but I have to say, when she let loose a girlish giggle on the bridge, it just about melted my bad-Neptunes-collab-frozen heart.

WHERE TO FIND IT: YouTube embeds of it are getting dinged faster than you can say “4 Minutes To Save The World,” but this clip of an adorable baby getting into its groove provides a nice little preview:

[HT: Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]

  1. Its great. Just a fun, fantastic dance track. Madonna sounds like she is having fun again! The spoken part in the bridge is absolute classic Madonna, the best part of the track. I think this is gonna be a massive worldwide smash. May not play too well on US radio, but US radio sucks.

  2. Aside from being a little TOO blatently Oakenfold (and the verses being a little weak), it’s great. I suppose we’re all ready to forget Hard Candy…

  3. The production is nothing new and its very Sound Factory/Ibiza in late 90′s. But its sounds fun and carefree and its straight to the dancefloor Madonna…..

  4. so i’m the only one that liked “hard candy”?

  5. @silkyjumbo: perhaps. but i bet i’m the only one that liked the “hard candy” album by counting crows. i’m going to pay for this revelation, aren’t i?

  6. @cheesebubble: You are not the only one. That was one of those “right desperate time, right desperate place” albums for me.

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