Chris Brown Moonwalking In Michael Jackson’s Footsteps Once More

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, there were a few instances where people were trying to shoehorn Chris Brown into the list of “heirs to the King Of Pop’s throne”—and it seemed very odd and forced, like a way to help him overcome the bad feelings people had regarding the February domestic-violence incident involving him and his girlfriend Rihanna. In the sixish weeks since Jackson’s passing, Brown has both apologized and seen America embrace him as a recording artist once again thanks to a couple from Minnesota’s decision to boogie down the aisle to “Forever.” Which I guess means that the stage has been set for the MJ/CB parallels to be drawn once more? It would seem that way given the Michael Jackson tribute that closed out last night’s stop on the Young Money Tour, during which Brown took the stage and moonwalked to the strains of “Billie Jean.” Clip after the jump.

On the one hand, the kid can dance. On the other, the whole “trying to capture some of the newfound goodwill toward the recently departed Jackson” thing is still kind of squicking me out a bit.

Chris Brown dancing to Billie Jean [YouTube; HT Rap Radar]

  • Thierry

    I’m surprised he didn’t dance to “Beat It”. Too soon?

  • Maura

    @Thierry: oh shiiii—

  • 123as

    this is not new chris brown has been doing MJ moves since 2006

  • Maura

    @123as: right but this is the first time he’s done it since the whole rihanna thing. that’s notable.

  • juiceandgin

    Chris Brown isn’t qualified to replace Bubbles, much less Michael Jackson.

  • k-rex

    @juiceandgin: That is correct. An eccentric millionaire owning Chris Brown would be not so much creepy but laughable character trait, but rather major human rights violation.