The Kidz Bop Kids Are Apparently Old Enough To Lose Their Souls To Girls So Heartless

Aug 4th, 2009 // 3 Comments

The latest edition of the Super Mega Smash Hits… For Kids (With A Z) series Kidz Bop has been covered in this space before, but having heard their cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless” this morning, I figured it was worth bringing up again. The cover is certainly worth your time and/or your 99 cents, if only because the kids-in-unison take on the chorus adds a melancholia to the proceedings that should definitely be appropriated by Mr. West on his next album about love gone bad. (And the bridge sounds pretty psychotic!) Kanye’s ode to a toxic relationship has been covered by quite a few people lately—for example recent American Idol victor Kris Allen, who himself was “inspired” by the waily adult contemporarists The Fray. So, who wore it better? Our poll, after the jump.

Kidz Bop Kidz – “Heartless” [vin. poésie. vertu.]
[Kanye pic via Complex; Kidz Bop pic via Kidz Bop]


  1. And then there’s this:

    My favorite part of our interview:

    Was there anything that you wanted to come through in your own interpretation that isn’t in the original?

    I wanted it to be far less compelling, I really think I achieved that goal. I wanted to take something exciting and really make it boring.

  2. I voted for Kris Allen, but specifically I liked the version he did live on the Idol semifinal show. The recording, which I picked up at iTunes, is a little sterile and flat.

    “Heartless” has basically turned into the “Crazy” of 2009, what with all these covers. I would’ve included it on my Summer 2009 mix as an acknowledgment of its ubiquity, if the original song weren’t so damned wintry. Seriously, it’s one of the chilliest-sounding big hits of recent vintage.

  3. I voted for Kris Allen based solely on the live version. I too bought the iTunes one and was disappointed.

    The Melanie Fiona version from the live bridge release is excellent, and a bit summery.

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