Robbie Williams Is Going To Get Bodied

Aug 5th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Robbie Williams will release a new single (“Bodies,” on Oct. 12) and album Reality Killed The Video Star, Nov. 9) this fall, and it’s not a moment too soon, what with Lady GaGa’s overly defensive, oddly tuneless brand of “doing it for my art” not really filling the void as far as “self-aware pop stars who also happen to make banging tunes” go. And the whole shebang will be produced by former Buggle Trevor Horn, thus linking the ex-Take That member to t.A.T.u., Belle & Sebastian, and Yes. Awesome. [Popjustice]

  1. Robbie put on one of the best shows I ever saw, in my early college years. I have to give him lots of credit for helping me overcome my pop-phobias. Love him!

  2. Aww I’ve got a soft spot for old Robbie. I was such a huge Take That fan when I was wee. Admittedly I was in love with Mark Owen (why? I have no clue).

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