Jam Of The Moment Alert: Fefe Dobson’s “I Want You”

Aug 7th, 2009 // 6 Comments

“I Want You,” the new single from Ontario-spawned Fefe Dobson, may be the perfect track to close out this glorious summer day. “Want,” which debuted this week, is a two-minute gem of crunchy, super-straightforward pop that sounds like it should be released on colored, limited-edition vinyl; its overall message is pretty much summed up by its title. (Dobson apparently is releasing Joy, the album from which “Want” is spawned, independently; she attached the song to a show featuring one of the most noxious reality-TV-spawned personalities ever. I hope this doesn’t torpedo its chances with thinking persons, because it’s a pretty great little track!) Clip after the jump.

Memo to all the bands out there who are trying to be the next Tiger Trap: This is how you write a melody. (Ahem, Vivian Girls, ahem.)

Fefe Dobson – I want You [YouTube]
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  1. Yay for a Tiger Trap mention!

  2. I had no idea she was still around….

  3. So happy to see her back. I remember she had a few good cuts playing on MuchMusic here a while ago.

  4. wow. That was a jam. I always wondered why she never broke through.

  5. Oh hey! I was going to tell you I saw this on MTV Hits earlier this week. Hit me out of nowhere, and I was stunned. Glad to see her back; this single is fantastic. I hope it does well for her.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ef9LMfFHG8&feature=related

    I thought the name was familar, then I YouTubed. Her first single was a sample of Ween’s “Detachable Penis”

    Good in my book!

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