T-Pain Continues His Campaign To Singlehandedly Save Florida

Aug 11th, 2009 // 1 Comment

The Miami Dolphins are trying to take the momentum from last year’s worst-to-first finish in the AFC East to a new level. Which is why the team’s higher-ups have enlisted T-Pain, who is one of the few positive stories coming out of the Sunshine State at this point, to Autotune the crap out of the team’s official fight song, the peppy “Miami Dolphins No. 1.” Sure, it may not cause all those players who quit training camp to return, but at least everyone can have a photo op with the cheerleaders! The song after the jump.

Here’s the original, for point of comparison:

But wait! There’s someone else who is also doing good for Florida, and he’s writing the Dolphins a fight song as well!

Jimmy Buffett already also wrote his own new fight song for the Dolphins, which was simply a customized version of his hit song, Fins, now featuring lyrics tailored around Miami’s football organization.

Elliott Stares, a spokesman for Dolphin Stadium, said both new songs will be featured during home games.

OK, so he’s not “writing” as much as “tweaking.” But that’s a perk that you get when you own the naming of the stadium.

Miami Dolphins Fight Song [YouTube]
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[Photo by MagicalPhoto.com / Mitchell Zachs]

  1. While I don’t like football, I think this is kind of adorable.

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