Finally, A Lady GaGa Rumor That’s Much More Believable Than That Other One

From the lengthy screed “Lady GaGa, The Illuminati Puppet”: “The symbolism surrounding Lady GaGa is so blatant that one might wonder if it’s all a sick joke. Illuminati symbolism is becoming so clear that analyses like this one becomes a simple exercise of pointing out the obvious…. her pictures and videos [mix] those symbols with occultism of secret societies. Her vacuous, robotic and slightly degenerate persona embodies all the “symptoms” of a mind control victim. Let’s look at what Lady GaGa represents, starting by the basics: her name.” No word on how the Róisín Murphy-biting ties into all this, but perhaps that’s being saved for Part Two. [Vigilant Citizen; HT Jon W.]

  • Weezy F Baby

    Seriously MORE Lady GaGa coverage??

  • http:// How do I say this…Throwdini!?!

    Ha! If the Illuminati is so desparate that they are counting on Lady GaGa to enslave the masses, I think we’ll be ok.

  • Job

    This is my favourite piece of pop criticism of the year, right after Jess’s Misfits column.

  • k-rex

    Sweet! I love me some occulty.
    I do disagree with their assertion that Ms. GaGa is a mind control slave. She is quite obviously a conscious agent of the Illuminati. Assuming, of course, that she really is a man. Because women are incapable of conscious agency and must resort to ripping off other less well known women.

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    Oh my lord, my high-school-aged interns have been showing me all this great stuff basically saying the same things about Beyonce, how she’s sold her soul to the Devil and is demon-possessed and whatnot. Jay-Z is the Devil, btw. They get like REDRUM-in-the-bathroom-mirror freaked out while watching the videos on YouTube (they are 15) and it’s AWESOME.

  • craigp

    Illuminati, or…Illumi[i]naughty?[/i] (rim shot)

  • Duh

    After reviewing the facts it is hard to deny that lady gaga’s videos are depicting occult and illuminati symbolism. Either as a joke, to stir shit up, or some insane consiparacy… doubtably a coincedene. who knows but the people that are leaving comments of sarcasm or outrage have probably been listening/ watching too much lady gaga and other mtv brainwashing garbage and are too far gone to see the obvious.

  • jimmy martell

    The only way you guy’s and even me will find out, is if she say’s it. but for now leave her alone. and if your really a fan you’ll like her for who she is!.<3

  • someone

    with no doubt lady gaga is possesed

  • terrence buckner

    stop gossiping you losers

  • ralf89
  • gaga defender

    i just wanna knw if lady gaga sold her soul…cuz i really like her u knw…….

  • Ryan

    It's an extension of her performance art. She studied art/religion/socio-political order while studying music at university.

  • Ryan

    My god, it's not demonic conspiracy. Google 'metaphor'. Or 'symbolism'. Maybe then you guys may be able to connect the dots.

    She uses symbolism to extend her metaphor. What is the metaphor? If you get it, you get it, if not, don't say it's a worldwide conspiracy headed by celebrities.

  • cecilb

    i don't wish what will probably happen to her on my worst enemy.

  • fidelio357

    She is a puppet, no doubt.

  • wakedfukup

    its not a worldwide conspiracy headed by celebrity its a worldwide conspiracy headed by them and bankers, academia, kings, the black side of the church, the many corporations, and conned politicians. its a metaphor and it relates to THEM, about the people who control HER. bad places to begin trying to teach people about both. the correct place is her symbolism, which by default connects her to the same conspirators. whether she knows it or not, she is being used as a pawn, because you can't be a popular artist without being part of the RIIA. You are very insipid about it the lack of knowledge on the matter makes you a weak and blind defender. See, those that know the symbols actually connect the dots, not idolize or give opinions based on hot-headed ego.

  • wakedfukup

    yeah, people fail to realize that there are people that are smarter than them (90% of the world is dumb). So when a conspiracy is talked about, people defend THEMSELVES, because they believe that EVERYONE is dumb like them. i always find it funny because today with the level of communications people fail to understand that they are not as sophisticated like the elite.. they don't think that their oppressor could betray them. the oppressors rely on a world wide technocracy and behavior management to achieve their goals. they use fear, and dumbing down. the masses rely on those behaviors to crosscheck information against their oppressed neighbor for opinion, to the point they believe their oppressor and not the awaken minority. this comment board is a great example of this. just take a nice look at the clowns posting in defense.. they know little on the matter and can not connect the facts when they present themselves.

  • Agaetis181


    She is speaking out, symbolically. So is a lot of other “Entertainers”. It's a warning!! They're trying to tell us something! I have the proof compiled together with mind blowing information. She's a smart, intelligent girl who knows what these people are doing. Part 4 will answer ANY doubts about this. Receiving a lot of love/hate feedback from it. The “Satanists” Conspiracy seems like Disinformation now…

    Part 1:::

    Part 2:::

    Part 3:::

    My Youtube Channel:::

  • Agaetis181

    If you agree with me please spread these videos. Part 4 will explain it all, I just need to be in the public eye (at LEAST) to FEEL safe. A lot of weird things have been happening around me! I *NEED* your help!

  • Retards

    Agaetis ur a retard
    as if some multi millionaire in some hollywood mansion
    cares about us or wants to warn us

    please, today everyone in the industry is a talentless sellout

    music today isn't about anything, its full of shameless plugs and advertisements to get us to consume more junk we don't need.

    Its not about art anymore, I cant even listen to anything new on the radio anymore….pop music has changed, its finished and a waste of time.

    Its all about sex, you have kids singing britney tunes If u seek amy, or riding a disco stick, or if rude boy can get it up. Im 27 lived through about the late 80s and 90s and 00's music, stuff in the 90s was all about love, being in love mostly, 80s was carefree pop music with madonna pushing boundaries but even her songs back then are tame by todays standards. Today its just about sex and random sex with strangers, etc. and kids are the ones that listen to this stuff the most
    its pretty sad.

  • Marni

    Lady GaGa is not a satanist dumb ppl. just tryna find a fault wiv her. SHes my idol and im not gonna believe ur junk! She oges church she has a peace sign on her hands sooooooooooooooo……………ummmmmmm explain 2 me how!

  • marni

    yep imma fan and dnt belive all dis crap

  • thetruthspeaks

    Lets put it down like this
    Lady gaga is mind controlled
    shes showed you through her music videos
    which by the way are her rituals
    in bad romance in the background are two goat heads
    which represent the baphomet, as rumored as the devil.
    Jay – z is in the illuminati, hes voiced it in his lyrics
    and has thrown up the symbols just as beyonce and lady
    gaga have done in their video together “telephone”

    for example
    in telephone you see that they have a poinsonous honey
    they created it together
    and they feed it to everyone in the resturant (the masses) aka US
    it kills everyone
    as they kill everyone they are singing
    showing that theyre music is going to eventually kill everyone
    while doing this they are throwing up so many OBVIOUS
    illuminati symbols its ridiculous.

    its not just lady gaga, beyonce, jay -z.
    its also other popular artists.
    such as Chris Brown, ESPECIALLY Rihanna, Eminem, T – pain etc
    all you have to do is open your eyes
    look at what is happening in the world right now
    and do some research.
    the freemasons rule the world we just live in it
    and if you wonder why you cant get songs out of your head
    its cause your being controlled


    thank you

  • thetruthspeaks

    you dont have to believe it
    its right there infront of your eyes
    tell me the telephone video wasnt creepy?
    her VMA performance was a ritual
    rihanna is doing the same stuff
    just research please

  • thetruthspeaks

    Im pretty sure that the illuminati doesnt care if we believe it or not
    because were still being controlled somehow by them
    lady gaga isnt the only one
    shes just one of the most outspoken ones

  • thetruthspeaks

    she did sell her soul
    thats why shes so famous
    you cant get to where she is without doing that

    research :)

  • Creo

    First the illuminati have nothing to do with Lady Gaga. The were scientists, not occultists. Second no one is relyig on Her to enslave the masses, that’s been done already. I mean hell T.V. tells us what to listen to, eat, even what to wipe our asses with. Lady Gaga is trying to point out the fact that popular society is controlled by the mass media industry. Of course leave it to the media to mistake spiritual occult symbols with illuminati geometric designs.

  • husaina

    erm ok i know lady gaga is possessed by something, i dunno what exactly, because she is extremely sexual charged and much more. but i guess i still like her, she’s different, not typical of a celebrity so yeah guys let her be

  • Shelley Gibbs

    I believe this woman is truly bad. She says she is ”defending the freaks” and making people ”feel beautiful” but she is JUST THE SAME AS ANY HOLLYWOOD BIMBO!! dressed in fakery!! she is FAKE!!! you fans need wake up!!! Everything she does isn’t genuine!! Ahe even GLAMORISES LOOSE SEX. I am NOT religious but I think she is bad, evil even. She should be spreading the message of peace and love and true love, not meaningless nasty sex. Illuminati or not,, she is the death knell for music.

  • http://caca daniel gonzalez

    fuk u all

  • http://caca daniel gonzalez

    what kind of demonic video does lady gaga do!!!??!stupid whore shes gonna burn in hell for giving herself to the devil like that!!!!!!!!she needs special help if she thinks that the devil is gonna protect her and make her famous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://caca daniel gonzalez


  • http://caca daniel gonzalez


  • c

    I don’t think GaGa is a mind controlled puppet, she just plays one on TV. It”s her persona. However she is a slave to fame and money. She admits to being a monster…she is just doing anything she can to get what she wants. However mind control is very real…but stop looking at the rich and famous for your victims. These are the winners who pretend to be losers to relate to us common folk so we will love them. The real v ictims exist but they are not on stage making millions of dollars per night.

    However…fame and money are just as enslaving as any crack whores desire…she’s not free. None of us really is unless we truely break free of ego and other crap.

  • someone

    She sold her soul to the devil. She is in love with judas, what else do you need to believe? It’s clear like the sky.

  • Smarterthanyou

    You’re so stupid. She’s not a satanist, not an illuminati. She’s just an entartainer. So stfu, I know you’re jealous.

  • Pyroman

    Just another stunt to get more media attention like she needs it!

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