Aug 12th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Today’s entry in the Blogs That Are Trying Way Too Hard To Become Books On The Urban Outfitters Remainder Table Derby: Old Rock Dudes With Meg Ryan Hair, which wonders, “Can anybody tell us what is happening here? Why do all aging rockers go for this look?!” Also, it uses the term “The Poo Poo Dolls” in re: Johnny Rzeznik’s band, and doesn’t even make a “Name”-related pun. Sigh. Go Fug Yourself it ain’t, but you should probably be warned that a member of your social circle will “jokingly” give this book to a frenemy come Christmastime. [Old Rock Dudes With Meg Ryan Hair]

  1. Tumblr blogs/book-deals-in-waiting are the aughts version of stand-up comedians in the ’80s.

    “Look at all these old rock dudes with Meg Ryan hair! What’s the deal with that?

    Actually, the entire blogosphere makes a lot more sense if you look it as the stand-up scene from the ’80s, with everyone standing in front of their particular fake brick wall.

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