Amerie Becomes A November Girl

Aug 13th, 2009 // 4 Comments

After being delayed from Aug. 11 until Sept. 8 at the end of last month, Amerie’s In Love & War—her first album under her deal with Def Jam—has been pushed back yet again. But lest you think it’s a bad sign, the Nov. 3 release date is a good thing—at least, according to a missive from the singer herself. “Very happy w/my album date! Got the one I wanted,” she Twittered last night, appending a smiley-face and a cryptic note about how the date had a special significance to her. Hmm. Anyway, a new single from the album came out last week—the muscular “Heard ‘Em All,” which is a nice little workout that’s a product of a collaboration between Amerie and “Flashing Lights” co-producer Eric Hudson. Clip after the jump.

Very happy w/my album date! [Twitter]
Amerie – Heard ‘Em All [YouTube]

  1. Am I the only one who hears a passing resemblance to “Sell Me Candy” in that?

  2. Amerie is my Girl. “One thing” is a classic, I just have to move whenever I hear it, no matter the place or the time. Also, I read somewhere that she’s sort of a geek. More love.

  3. that new pic is curiously similar to the promo pics Craig McDean did for Madonna’s American Life album – really like amerie – dont understand how interesting r&b/pop like hers has gone unnoticed the last two releases but something as hideous as BEP is the song of the summer – boom boom CRAP

  4. Ooh, nice. It’ll be out front in the New Releases section so my relatives can easily find it when I ask for it for Christmas. If I can wait that long.

    (“Gotta Work” might be my theme song.)

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