Believe Me, I Am Getting So Tired Of The “GaGa Ripping Off [X]” Stories

Aug 13th, 2009 // 6 Comments

… but a vampire-themed photo shoot smack in the middle of Twilight/True Blood-stoked vampiremania? C’mon, Stefani. I know the old mantra about talent borrowing and genius stealing, but this seems egregious, even for you. Especially since you’re not even competing against Paramore for any Video Music Awards! [Out via Arjan Writes / Previously, and before that]



  2. Yeah, she should have waited for that one time when vampires are not cool to incorporate that into one of her 8 million photo shoots.

    I would imagine that if we were to go through all the photos she’s had taken, we’ll find at least one where she’s dressed like me. And then I will need some alone time.

  3. So we can look forward to the following themed photo shoots: zombie, cupcakes, bacon, roller derby, James Cameron’s Avatar, steroids in baseball, Rick Pitino, Mad Men and pirates.

    I don’t follow Lady GaGa, so forgive me if any(or all) of these have already been done.

  4. you gotta stay on top of trends when you’re the mouthpiece of the Illuminati.

  5. who do you think is responsible for the current vampire craze anyway?

    come on!

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