Mariah Carey: The Pushback Is Official


The most recent push-back for Mariah Carey’s Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is now official, with Billboard passing along the rumor that the record’s delay was because Mimi’s label, Def Jam, had sent the singer back into the studio to record more songs. Mariah hasn’t spoken up about the setback yet on Twitter—there are, however, three updates from an employee of her Web site who goes by the name of “Gina”—but judging by her fans’ reactions to the Billboard piece, tensions among the lambs are running high! From a clearly stressed-out Mariah defender:

Who do you think you are joancrawford? Let me tell you something, you are the delusional one, if you dont like Mariah, why do you post comments in her news? And if you want to post them, please make them coherent; you look so upset Mariah and her fans, but anyway I repeat it again, MARIAH IS THE BEST, SHE IS SIMPLY AMAZING, AND I BELIEVE THAT OBSESSED WILL BE HER 19TH NUMBER ONE. AND FOR ALL HER HATERS, MARIAH HAS THE RIGHT TO POSTPONE HER ALBUM, SHE WANT TO GIVE US ALWAYS THE BEST OF HER, THAT IS THE REASON WHY SHE TAKEs MORE TIME TO FINISH “MEMOIRS”. IT WILL BE DEFINETELY THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR AND ONE OF THE BEST SELLING.

That last sentence got sort of lost in the caps-lock kudzu, no? Sheesh. In other Mariah-fan news, remember that grass-roots campaign to mass-buy “Obsessed” in hopes of lifting its chart position? Yeah, well. It didn’t quite go off as planned. On the bright side, 178 e-copies probably wouldn’t have made all that much of a difference on the SoundScan charts!Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs” Album Delayed Again [Billboard]