Michael Jackson May Be Dead, But The Rides At Neverland Will Live On

Aug 17th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Last year, the carnival company Butler Amusements bought six rides from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, and the California State Fair, which is set to take place at the end of the month, will have four of them on its midway. The first 5,000 piece to show up at the fair every day will get a free pass for the rides, which they can enjoy while, say, waiting for MC Hammer to play. Details on all the rides after the jump!

Balloon Samba
“The ride… has carriages designed to look like hot-air balloons. The Balloon Samba seats 32 children riding beneath six ‘balloons,’ “, according to the California paper The Union.

Kids can learn how to drive early!

Wave Swinger
Pictured above. A big old swing ride, the kind that makes you somewhat ill and fearing for your life.

Eight revolving dinosaurs and elephants can be controlled vertically by riders. Sort of like a merry-go-round, but with more user control!

OK, so they’re pretty standard fair fare, but the Neverland backstory is a pretty good hook, no? I wonder if all the musicians performing will do photo ops on them.

Fairgoers Can’t Beat It! [California State Fair; HT Cameron]
[Photo of WaveSwinger via TunnelBug]

  1. MC Hammer is an immensely popular recording artist who synthesized the street sounds of African-American and pop culture earning the respect of his community and creating a global phenomenon with tours in all over the world. He has produced numerous hits including “U Can’t Touch This,” “Addams Groove,” “Too Legit To Quit,” and many more.

    Really, they included “Addams Groove,” and listed it before “Too Legit To Quit,” a song so good it came with its own hand dance? For shame California State Fair. For shame.

  2. @How do I say this…Throwdini!?!: By listing the bigger hit last, it lends credibility to “and many more’. Listing the songs in chronological order would too accurately illustrate his career arc and possibly lead to loss of respect in his community.

  3. @k-rex: That makes sense. And if I know one thing about who MC Hammer is as a person, its that he craves the respect of his community. (Note: I do not one thing about who MC Hammer is as a person.)

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