What Will Britney Spears Count Down On Tonight’s “Late Show”?

Aug 18th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Britney Spears will present the Top Ten list on tonight’s Late Show With David Letterman, her first appearance on the broadcast since a post-Federline-breakup cameo she made on the show two years ago. A Tweet from Britney’s manager says that people tuning into the broadcast will “find out how the ringleader would run the free world,” which means that she’s either going to make a bunch of awkward jokes about healthcare or she’s planning on throwing her hat into the 2020 Presidential ring really early. Video of her November 2006 Late Show bit after the jump.

Britney on Letterman tonight! [BritneySpears.com]
Britney Spears Surprises Dave [YouTube]

  1. A few quick constitutional amendments, and we could be looking at a Schwarzenegger/Spears ticket in ’11.

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