Britney Spears’ Presidential Platform Offers Bikini-Clad Awkwardness For All

Aug 19th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Britney Spears ran down last night’s Top 10 List on Late Show With David Letterman, and as threatened, she let all of us know what she would do if she became President of the U.S. Thanks to her not turning 35 until December 2016, she has 11 years between now and when she can actually throw her hat into the ring barring any last-minute Constitutional changes. So perhaps she can work on her delivery of her stump speeches’ laugh lines between now and then? Clip after the jump.

So, yeah, that was what I might call “a little bit rough.” I’m sure the desk was a bit cold, which played into it, but…

If Britney Were President… [YouTube; HT]
[Grab via hortense]

  1. Actually Maura, I’m not sure she couldn’t run in 2016 since she’d be 35 by the time she was inaugurated in January 2017….

  2. @Jerkwheat: Hmm. Here’s what the article says:

    “neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not
    have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years”

    So wouldn’t that mean you have to be 35 to be President-Elect? That’s how I read it.

  3. It’ll be an interesting dilemma that we’ll be facing in this nightmare world in which Britney runs for President.

  4. @Jerkwheat: The Constitutional Circus Tour 2016

  5. Personally, I’m more surprised that Britney’s 24. She’s 24? She’s five years older than me? That’s not possible.

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