Britney Spears’ Secret Classic-Rock Past Revealed?

Aug 19th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Beloit College’s Mindset List—in which the incoming freshman class is categorized by just what generational boats it has missed—is a silly watercooler trifle that doubles as a handy way to make one feel old; the new one, in which the cultural capital of people born in 1991 is weighed, came out today. But one entry is somewhat mystifying: No. 51, which states “Britney Spears has always been heard on classic rock stations.” Um, isn’t she a little young and way too female to get included on classic rock playlists? Or did she do some uncredited-until-now “rockin’ your block off” spots when she was 10 years old that I didn’t know about? [Beloit]


  1. Since many of these read like poorly-worded “You Might Be a Redneck” jokes, I’m going to go ahead and say there probably isn’t an interesting nugget of trivia behind that one.

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