Simon Cowell Feels Very Let Down By Whoever Leaked Leona Lewis’ New Single

Aug 19th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Earlier this week, a demo version of a Timbaland/Timberlake-helmed song performed by 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis called “Don’t Let Me Down” leaked. An investigation into who put the track, which is supposed to be Lewis’ “comeback” single, out there has been launched by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Apparently there are hackers involved!

The Sun is reporting that the demo version of “Don’t Let Me Down”—along with a few other Lewis songs, as well as some demos by 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke—were stolen from the servers of the Simon Cowell/Sony Music joint venture Syco; “Don’t” was subsequently distributed earlier this week. “IFPI is working with Syco and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe to trace the individuals who stole the Leona Lewis/Justin Timberlake track… We work closely with all our members to minimize the damage from such leaks and are actively monitoring and removing illegal copies of this track from the Internet to minimise the disruption caused by the leak,” an IFPI spokesperson told Billboard. For some reason, though, the IFPI hasn’t put the smackdown on YouTube yet, because the track is on the site in multiple forms as of this writing. Here’s a taste!

Yes, that’s right: Leona Lewis’ “comeback” single was going to be nothing more than Another Timbaland-Helmed “Apologize” Rehash. Perhaps someone should launch an investigation as to why Timbo keeps insisting on stealing from Ryan Tedder, because, yuck.

Leona Lewis Leak Investigated [Billboard]
Don’t Let Me Down [YouTube]


  1. As per usual Maura there’s been a lot of lazy reporting on this caused by the initial report being in the ever unreliable tabloid The Sun (typical reliability of music stories: 10% fact, 60% conjecture, 30% bullshit).

    Track has nothing to do with Timbaland. It was produced by The Ys (Timberlake, James Fauntleroy and Rob Knox). Also apparently it’s nowhere near the favourite to be the lead single, that’s a track called I Got You which was played to some MTV staff in the UK last week.

    This is actually the fifth song to leaked from the Leona project in the last 5 or 6 weeks – a clip of the above putative single I Got You, two other strong single contenders (Brave, Perfect Stranger) and a clearly unfinished Tedder track called Strangers. There also been a host of recent leaks of other songs from Syco projects such as two songs from Alexandra Burke’s debut album (including the lead single).

    Is it hacking? Disgruntled Syco employee? I have seen one strong suggestion that it may actually be the recording studio rather than the record company at fault, given the a whole host of songs recorded there frequesntly turning up on a infamous Germanic leak site well ahead of release.

  2. @dusty vinyl: ahh, i see. thank you.

    (it’s still not very good, though?)

  3. Not very immediate and wasn’t keen when I first heard it on the weekend but it’s a bit of a subtle grower – depends if you rate her voice or not I guess. At least there’s no desperate attempt to smother her stuff in autotune or call up a random rapper to add an urban flavour in a desperate attempt to chase those radio spins across all genres.

    Definitely more of an album track (though “lead single” spices up The Sun story) if it even makes it. She’s been writing and recording since January and was aiming for 40ish songs before choosing them down to the final album.

    Given the major label fetish for releasing sixteen different versions of every album (the album, the deluxe, iTunes bonus tracks, Walmart special version, the Japanese edition, the re-release, the re-release gone reloaded, the special collector’s edition + live DVD) I’d have 40 was the minimum you needed.

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