Here’s Hoping The Postponement Of “Megan Wants A Millionaire” Doesn’t Torpedo Fefe Dobson’s Comeback

Aug 20th, 2009 // 1 Comment

It was probably inevitable that the slime trail of reality-show contestants would include at least one alleged murderer, but it’s a little surprising that the outing of said person of interest took place while he was getting regular airtime. And yet that’s what happened to Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a cast member on Vh1′s gold-digging expedition Megan Wants A Millionaire who’s currently being sought for questioning in the grisly murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore. After the allegations came out, Megan was quickly postponed indefinitely by Vh1; meanwhile, Alexander has apparently fled to his home country of Canada. But what of Fefe Dobson, the Canadian pop singer whose comeback attempt was hitched, in part, to the show’s star?

Dobson’s “I Want You” was the theme song used in promos for Megan, and now that the show has hurriedly been relegated to the Vh1 vaults, I’m curious to see what happens with the promotion it was getting on other MTV outlets (I first heard the track while it was being played on MTV Hits, where it shares playlist-space with fellow MTV theme-song provider Just Kait). It hasn’t really cracked the charts yet—will it, like the show it’s attached itself to, be brushed under the rug because of its now-unsavory assocations? That would be a shame, because it’s a crackling little track, one that deserves a better fate than being attached to one of the biggest tragedies to come out of the already-unfortunate world of reality TV.

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  1. Har hittat bra träningsövningar för magen som hjälper till att få starkare magmuskler och detta på ca 3-4 månader. Tänk på att äta korrekt också.

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