Aug 21st, 2009 // 3 Comments

Norah Jones has a new album coming out in November, and it’ll feature contributions from chameleonic musician/famous type Ryan Adams, Okkervil River frontman Will Sheff, and avant-garde guitarist Marc Ribot, as well as songs that she worked on with the co-writer of her breakout hit “Don’t Know Why,” Jesse Harris. (Am I the only person who thought of “Don’t Know Why” as more of a slightly more mannered indiepop song than anything “jazzy”? No? OK.) [Billboard]


  1. I think the “jazzy” label on Jones was/is strictly marketing (“hey forty-something professionals, you can listen to pop and still feel smart and classy, ’cause we’re calling it ‘jazz’”).

    My burning question about “Don’t Know Why”: is that a song about bad sex, or what? I’ve been unable to come up with any other interpretation, but my smart classy forty-something friends who like Norah Jones insist I’m being juvenile.

  2. @Fried Bologna: Now that you mention it…

    Also, change the “write you a love song” to “give you a blow job” in Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song.” I swear it’s about a blow job, or her label.

  3. Oh man, Marc Ribot being on this thing is a guarantee I’ll listen to it. Hope he skronks all over.

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