Lloyd Thinks That A Good Woman Is A Hell Of A Drug

Aug 24th, 2009 // 3 Comments

R & B singer Lloyd announced the release of his latest one-off single via Twitter today, and as you might expect from its title, “Pusha” engages in more than a few sexy-lady-as-very-potent-drug metaphors. Specifically the singer refers to cocaine here, the high of which is likened to flying super-high on a private plane. All pretty normal, but then the song’s romantic overtones take a turn into the, well, not so lovely. Because what, exactly, does the lyric of “Pusha” rhyme with “cocaine”? Why, “Cobain,” because the woman in question is so dynamite, she “blows [Lloyd's] brain.” Oh Lloyd. I’m a fan of your silky stylings, but I gotta be honest—likening your intended conquest to a grisly suicide might have an effect opposite from the one you want. Clip after the jump.

Lloyd – “Pusha” [YouTube]


  1. I suspect that Lloyd was trying to emulate his pal Lil Wayne here, specifically that line in “You” about giving good brain like one graduated from a good school. But… just… no.

  2. I think I will step up my game and start threatening suicide. Because just crying isn’t working.

  3. Dez

    Well, I think it is just a song and who really cares what all he is saying. Overall the song is about him being addicted to a women lyk bein addicted to a drug…this chic blows his mind…Im sure he didn’t mean it in a derogatory way and I doubt if many will listen or recognize that in da song…Alot of rappers and singas say sum thngs dat we don’t understand or don’t like, but you can’t live life complaining about everything. Eitha u lyk da songs and lyrics or u don’t. I love this song and Lloyd did a fantastic job point blank!!!

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