Aubrey O’Day Rushes Into The “Worst Lyric Of The Week” Race With Her Bizarre Reworking Of New Order

Apparently former Danity Kane screecher Aubrey O’Day is getting all of her musical ideas from radio stations with ’80s-centric playlists. First there was her horrific cover of Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time,” which at least made Murphy’s performance of the song seem like utter genius. (Not that I didn’t like it before, but holy wow.) And now she’s released a new track, “Never Fallin’,” which is about mean people on the Internet who are Just Jealous and which is based around a wholesale lifting of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.” And guess what—it even includes a reworked lyric for the “Triangle” chorus! Lyrics after the jump. Brace yourself.

Every time they see us ballin’
They get down on their knees and hate
Waiting for the day we fall off so
They can come and take our place

Yes, it is about “haters.” I swear I am not making this up. Here is the song, in case you want to hear for yourself.

So what’s worse, this or the Lloyd lyric in which he compares a hottie to Kurt Cobain’s suicide? I’m leaning toward Lloyd, if only because the rest of his output is pretty beloved, while sitting through the Danity Kane set at Z100′s Zootopia last year was one of the most aurally horrific experiences of my life. But I’m open to suggestions!

Aubrey O’Day – Never Fallin’ [YouTube]

  • Evie

    When I saw the original “Ceremony” in that Absolut commercial last week, I was a little put off. Now, compared to this, I think I’d be ok with hearing “Temptation” in a Chili’s ad.

  • revmatty

    Just reading those lyrics I cried a little bit. How has she not killed herself not only for so shamelessly ripping off far superior artists, but also for producing such absolute rubbish in the process?

  • Audif Jackson Winters III

    What’s next, Heidi Montag reworking O.M.D.?

    Also, w/r/t the lyrics, why would the unnamed persons referenced in the chorus fall to their knees in order to “hate” Aubrey and her unnamed partner? Are we to assume that these are some sort of worshipful haters?

  • Audif Jackson Winters III


    “Oh, you’ve got crispers/
    Oh, you’ve got poppers/
    Oh, you’ve got cheese fries/”

  • Adairdevil

    This makes me want to stab myself in the head.

  • michaela

    This is so not helping my case of the Mondays. At all.

    Was that just a lyric about how she’s got real boobs? And how one can ask Hugh Hefner as to their … veracity? Lordamercy.

  • k-rex

    Since it may be too late to stop this phenomenon, can someone please throw Weird Al some work on these pseudo-covers? Because he is actually kind of good at changing the words to popular songs.

  • Maciej

    I love New Order to death and everything, but there are like 50 actual Bernard Sumner lyrics worse than this.

  • chachwitablog

    OK, this song sucks, but I kind of loved her verse. “hi hater. it’s your girl aubrey o’day” = genius.
    Also like “need to get this off my chest, I’m real when it comes to my chest”

    you go girl!

  • neonvampyre

    I am presuming New Order, or their publisher had to sign off on this since the music contains samples of the original song. I am curious to hear their opinion of the results as maybe the producer/label bait and switched them under the pretense that it was intended for Lady Gaga or someone with slightly more cache’. I do find a certain level of amusement in the liberties that Miss O’day has taken on the lyrics and Maciej’s point is well taken. Overall I feel it reinforces George Carlin’s ‘Circling the Drain’ philosophy. (At less she didn’t touch ‘The Perfect Kiss’) As far as whether Lloyd or Aubrey win the worst lyric of the week race; too close to call. Let”s see who else enters.

  • NeverEnough

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Maciej: Oh, man. So true. “Love Vigilantes”? Ouch!

  • Mosquito1961

    The only thing good about this music is the size of her tits.Nice auto tune.Lets hear you sing this piece of dog poop song acoustic.Is that Will Smith in the background or will I am
    OMG this is horrific!!!!