How Long Can You Watch The Video Music Awards’ Complete “West Side Story” Promo Without Needing A Break?

My love for Ne-Yo propelled me all the way through the one-minute mark of the musical tribute to Leonard Bernstein and the Video Music Awards’ dubious honors, despite the musical instruments underneath him echoing in such a way that I wondered if they’d been recorded in one of the redbird trains being repurposed as reefs, then piped up to sea level using an intricately designed system of tin cans. But then Katy Perry came in at the 1:18 mark, wielding garden shears and sounding like an unfortunately winded Bjork, and suddenly hearing all about Johan Santana’s bone chips sounded like a somewhat appealing alternative! What about you? [YouTube]

  • joshservo

    I’m going to be charitable: I hope that the demographic for which this was intended thinks this is the coolest thing ever. I don’t care about any of these bands, so I can’t comprehend what the OMG COBRA STARSHIP AND KATY PERRY AND NE-YO ARE ALL TOGETHER factor is supposed to be.

    If this was 1995 (The last time I cared about bands on MTV), and they did this with Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Weezer and Beck, I’d be all like freaking out. So maybe the kids who give a crap about all of these bands are all like freaking out.

    As a side note, can I petition Amnesty International to spring This Is Ivy League from Cobra Starship?

  • drinkypuss

    Is anyone else weirded out by the MJ face painted on the back wall of the set in Ne-Yo portion, like around the 58 second mark? Creepy. I’m wondering what homage the awards are going to have in his honor.

    This may have been awful, but it at least Russell Brand is back.

  • Maura

    @drinkypuss: Well, at least nothing can top dedicating “One Minute Man” to the memory of Aaliyah… although I guess MTV can always try.

  • saturn

    Was it me, or did the best voice in that clip belong to Russell Brand?

  • michaela

    Seriously, Russell Brand makes everything better. Taylor Swift wasn’t bad either! But the rest is pretty horrific. It makes me quite sad for Ne-Yo. He just seems so lost in his portion — the dance routines remind me of something terrible off “So You Think You Can Dance.” Ugh.

  • ObtuseIntolerant

    @michaela: My ears dwell in another dimension. Taylor Swift’s performance was a terror, to me! But my heart/mind are also in that dimension, I guess, because I feel the same about Russell Brand in most contexts.