Five Reasons Why Jay-Z’s Attendance At Yesterday’s Grizzly Bear Show Wasn’t All That Surprising

Yesterday, the harmonizing, indie-kid-beloved Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear played an outdoor show on its home borough’s waterfront, and at around 6 p.m. Twitter lit up with news from the show—not about the band’s performance, mind you, but about the appearance of Jay-Z and his lady Beyonce in the crowd, as documented by the above blurry cameraphone shot. Reactions included “!!!” and “OMG” and “Dammit!”, but honestly, why were people surprised? Five reasons why you all should have seen this coming after the jump.

1. Brooklyn pride. Borough President Marty Markowitz was there, too!

2. Solange. Jay’s indie-leaning sister-in-law is a known fan of Grizzly Bear, rhapsodizing about their music and documenting the hangs they share via Twitter. And guess what? She was there too.

3. Grizzly Bear are totally the new Coldplay, you guys. Maybe even bigger, since they’ve already snagged the desirable Michael McDonald endorsement. (Sorry, Chris!)

4. What better way to enjoy a splendid summer Sunday than a outing to the sweatiest part of the Brooklyn waterfront? Those of us who spent our afternoons on the couch watching Spaceballs because of an unidentified stomach ailment might be a little jealous, because it was so nice out. Blech.

5. Jay is still on a campaign to maximize the bloggability of The Blueprint 3. With 13 days to go until its release, the already-skittish Jay probably wanted to keep his name in the papers, or at least their online equivalent. Not only did his appearance work on that level, it sparked rumors that Jay actually performed with the band (he didn’t), which in turn got the always-coveted “megameme” tag from Hipster Runoff. Sure, said meme wasn’t entirely true, but when were facts important on the Internet, anyway?

Holy shit!!! [JillMenze@Twitpic]
[Special thanks to Jeff Rosenthal.]

  • the_arcane_model

    6. God bless Solange and her Elmo suit. That’s hardcore. (Too bad it will probably only garner another Go Fug Yourself post rather than attention for her music.)

    7. I am agog at the faux-IM “” banner ad staring me down as I type this.

  • k-rex

    Hooray. A musician who may actually like music. Breaking news.

  • Lucas Jensen

    Also, Grizzly Bear was a Billboard top ten album seller. If that ain’t mainstream, I don’t know what is. Sure, it’s rad to stand next to Jay-Z and Beyonce, but, white people, your little indie bands are not some big secret.

  • Bruno the Fishing Dog

    @Lucas Jensen: so true.

    however, we do get mixed messages on that front. to hear some around here tell it, Animal Collective’s total fanbase consists of five bloggers and Pitchfork.

  • trippertrapper

    You know Jay Z so well