“American Idol” Trying To Fill Paula Abdul’s Hollywood-Week Seat With The Most Annoying People Possible

Next month will bring American Idol‘s called-back hopefuls to Los Angeles for the round of auditions that is known among fans of the show as “Hollywood Week,” and given that Paula Abdul is still adamant about not going back to the people who disrespected her, the producers need an extra body to warm the seat next to Simon Cowell. Who out there is most qualified to judge the voices of this country’s latest crop of televised-singing-competition wannabes? I know! How about two pop stars who are known more for their sartorial schtickiness and fake-edgy “personas” than their severely lacking voices? Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, come on down! Yes, Entertainment Weekly‘s Idol watcher Michael Slezak has learned that both Perry and Lavigne will pop in for a day of judging duty during Hollywood Week next month; Perry’s presence behind the judging-table’s Coke cups was teased last month, but it was initially rumored that she’d be judging one of the pre-Hollywood callback weeks. Odd choices for sure, given that neither star can really, y’know, sing. Perhaps the producers wanted to get people who would say “outrageous” things because they needed someone to bring up the judges’ table’s sadly depleted “wackiness” quotient? Or maybe they want to branch out into more merchandising, and figure that Perry can get started on making her capes for her favorite contestants early?‘American Idol’ exclusive: Avril Lavigne joins Katy Perry as guest judge in L.A. [EW] Related: Katy Perry… Live In Hollywood!