Transcript Of Chris Brown On “Larry King” Just As Uncomfortable To Sit Through As The Video Version

Last night, Chris Brown’s taped-last-week interview with Larry King made its appearance on CNN, two days after his statement about not remembering his domestic-violence incident with Rihanna on the Grammys pinged around the Internet. As it turns out, Brown’s assertion that said statement was actually taken out of context was backed up by the transcript, which—if you read it—is full of uncomfortable moments for everyone involved, especially the audience. Brown appeared with his mother, Joyce Hawkins, and his attorney, Mark Geragos; there were discussions of his past, the possibly ill-advised video he made with Bow Wow back in may, and, of course, “the people in the blog sites who continuously made false statements.” (A.K.A. “haters.”) But perhaps the most bizarre segment came when King was asking Brown if the couple had fought previously, and then out-and-out dismissed any earlier fights the couple might have had because in his mind, they were just babies:

KING: Did you have major differences? HAWKINS: No. BROWN: I mean… KING: I mean for a 20-year-old… BROWN: I mean yes, we’re KING: …what would be a major difference? BROWN: …20 years. Yes, it’s not a major… KING: What lollypop are we going to get tomorrow? BROWN: No. Right. But it’s not really a — it really wasn’t ever like — our relationship was pretty good. Like, I — like we had a pretty steady and great relationship.

“What lollypop”? Really, Larry? Ugh, I feel like any possibility of this whole mess having any societal value is just completely gone.Interview With Chris Brown [CNN]