Well, Slap Me Silly And Call Me A Lamestain: Gen X Radio Debuts

Clear Channel has flipped one of its Louisville stations to a format called “Louie,” which the bigwigs are actually saying is the first firmament in what will be come to known as “Gen X radio.” Yes, the generation that inspired so much Boomer disdain is finally getting a format to call all its own, although the music associated with it may not be what you necessarily think of when you think of slackers and Singles. Quoth CC market president Bill Gentry: “It’s focused on a musical experience… [that] crosses cultures from grunge, hip-hop, hair bands, boy bands and more.” And another CC higher-up has this to say: “[Louie will] capture how 30-somethings listen to music, and it ignores genres and categories.” Sounds sorta Jack-y to me, but then again, perhaps that ill-conceived marketing will inspire further nostalgia for those 30somethings who remember all too well being ineptly pandered to back in the day. The playlist of Louie’s inaugural hour after the jump.

2 Unlimited, “Get Ready For This”
Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Montell Jordan, “This is How We Do it”
No Doubt, “Just A Girl”
Coolio, “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)”
EMF, “Unbelievable”
OMC, “How Bizarre”
blink-182, “All The Small Things”
D-Mob, “C’mon and Get My Love”
Sublime, “Santeria”
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch, “Good Vibrations”
Dave Matthews Band, “Ants Marching”
Culturebeat, “Mr. Vain”
Spin Doctors, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”
Jennifer Lopez, ”If You Had My Love”

So… the dance songs are actually kind of awesome (“Mr. Vain”!!) but that first hour seems to be made for highlighting just how dreary the “alternative” “revolution” was in retrospect. (Sublime and the Spin Doctors? Oh God.) That said, the EMF/OMC back-to-back is a nice touch. Do you think they’ll eventually throw an All Acronym Weekend, just for kicks?

Louisville’s classic hits “Louie 100.5″ goes “Gen X” [Radio-Info]
[Image via DrankTank]

  • Evie

    It’s funny, because “Unbelievable” and “Good Vibrations” flip the same good-time switch in my GenX lizard brain that “Santeria” immediately flips off. Not too sure about this.

  • eltedioso

    Okay, although I like Spin Doctors, I understand that they’re a punchline to a lot of people. But last time I checked, I thought Sublime was pretty universally-loved and -respected. Too much negativity! Maura probably hates Huey Lewis too.

  • http://foreignspell.tumblr.com/ Varina

    I like this Connecticut station much better, this 104.1, I think- mixes Oasis, Violent Femmes, Green Day, Blink 182, with current, indie-r stuff- Death Cab, Kings of Leon, etc.

    “Good Vibrations” will forever and ever remind me of roller rink parties in elementary school.

  • Evie

    @eltedioso: I’m pretty sure Maura gave genuine big ups to Huey Lewis not two posts ago.

  • http://idolator.com/ Maura

    @eltedioso: Ha, Sublime is definitely neither loved nor respected by me. Trust.

  • http://katesilver.blogspot.com katles

    Louie? They could at least name it Eddie or Cliff.

  • http://mattstudioapparatus.blogspot.com/ toeklip

    So are they going to change all of their other “moder rock” formats to actually include something contemporary?

  • http://mattstudioapparatus.blogspot.com/ toeklip

    If you place an “n” after the “r” in “moder rock”, all will be revealed.

  • RobMurphy

    @katles: … or Dick?

  • baconfat

    i was a college freshman in 1993 and had never even heard of OK soda until this very moment. how sad am i?

  • LostTurntable

    Wow. Songs I hate that I hear on the radio all the time already just got their own station (with Nirvana).

  • http://www.desperationandnoise.com BradNelson

    Is EMFOMC an internet acronym yet?

  • http://www.mixtapesforhookers.com bcapirigi

    @eltedioso: Nothing is worse than Sublime. I mean, I guess the Barenaked Ladies are worse than Sublime. And probably Badfish (A Tribute To Sublime) might be worse than Sublime. But besides that? Nothing.

  • solanine

    So this is basically just a fancy way of dressing up an eclectic 90s format, right? I can definitely dig that.

  • SayYes

    @bcapirigi: Perhaps you’ve heard of a Florida outfit called “Creed”? Just sayin’—it gets worse than Sublime and Barenaked Ladies.

  • DavidWatts

    That playlist really captures the essence of what made you want to tune out the mainstream in the first place.