5 Albums To Look Forward To

Popping in on this Labor Day to say that if you missed me chatting with National Public Radio’s Guy Raz yesterday about five albums to look forward to this fall—including this Friday’s release of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, as well as albums by Miranda Lambert, Annie, the Roots, and Hope Sandoval—you can hit up NPR’s Web site to hear it. And feel free to tell me what you thought I forgot! Time constraints, you know. [NPR]

  • http://mondosalvo.tumblr.com/ brasstax

    The Kid Cudi album will (and probably should) blow up huge…until people get sick of other people talking about it.

  • http://www.desperationandnoise.com BradNelson

    Paramore. Paramore’s going to fuck us all up.

  • http://vivalamainstream.wordpress.com VivaLaMainstream

    I see @BradNelson‘s thoughts on Paramore, and I raise you Pearl Jam. Those two plus Jay-Z are going to suck up space on my iPod for months once they come out.

  • clarknhilldaleredux

    It was a fun radio spot. Nice job. I thought the host’s resistance to Annie was classic–c’mon NPR, embrace the pop!

  • http://idolator.com/ Maura

    @clarknhilldaleredux: Thanks!

    I want to know who the commenter on the transcript thinks I am trying to “please” by talking about hip-hop records. Oh, Internet lunatics…

  • http://mondosalvo.tumblr.com/ brasstax

    @Maura: I think he/she was speaking of Guy Raz’s gushing about The Roots. It did sound forced.

  • hemroid cream

    i love Miranda Lambert <3