Robbie Williams Goes Across The Universe

Sep 9th, 2009 // 1 Comment

The video for Robbie Williams’ Trevor Horn-produced comeback single “Bodies” is out, and it follows a pretty simple storyline: Williams is trying to get out of the desert, first by motorbike (which runs out of gas), then by car (which just so happens to be driven by a pretty lady, who gives him some company once night falls), then by plane (during which he flouts safety regulations and engages in a little bit of two-stepping on the wing). Interesting that despite the desert setting and the lyrical lamenting of just wanting to look good naked, Williams is clad pretty fully for most of the video. (Oh well!) Clip after the jump.

Man, this song gets better every time I hear it. Can we also talk about the suit he’s wearing at the end? The fitted waist, the pegged pants… not a good look.

Robbie Williams [Official site]

  1. When he started singing on those planes at the end, I half-expected Tom Cruise to ride in on a motorcycle – or at the very least the singer from Berlin to shove him off the wing.

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