There Are Great Expectations For Norah Jones’ New Album

Sep 10th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Norah Jones’ The Fall has the above cover, which upon first look conjured the words “Miss” and “Havisham” in my head. Even though Norah is kind of young, and vying for “most adorable” status on the cover with that big floppy dog! Anyway, there’s video of her performing at yesterday’s Apple event on the computer company’s site; skip to the 1:06 mark for her performance of the title track from her ginormous debut Come Away With Me, or head to the 1:10 mark to hear The Fall‘s “Young Blood,” which is another song of hers that sounds more “indie” than “jazz” to these ears.

Apple Special Event September 2009 [Apple]

  1. It makes me think of Wes Anderson… nothing in particular, but just an overall feel. And that’s fine, I guess.

  2. She’s finally going to get to enjoy herself now that her NPR/Starbucks icon moment is over (last album did less than half of the sophomore, one-sixth of the debut). It’s like Pearl Jam after they burned their grunge megastardom down with No Code.

  3. Well, she did get Ryan Adams and Will Sheff to write some of the songs…

  4. @Chris Molanphy: The last album was also largely a break from the sound that led to her NPR/Starbucks-icon status, so here’s hoping this travels further down that hole.

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