Phil Collins: “I Can’t Drum”

Sep 11th, 2009 // 11 Comments

Phil Collins has told the UK paper The Mirror that his drumming stance has ruined his chance of ever picking up the sticks again—basically his back become aligned in such a way that his vertebrae have slowly started crushing his spinal cord, and now sitting in drumming stance causes him great pain. But there sure was a weird bit of locution in the seemingly sympathetic Mirror piece that broke his plight!

But don’t worry, I can still sing.”

The news will be heartbreaking for Phil’s millions of fans worldwide.

Yes, I know the quotation mark changes the intent, but there must have been a better way to transition out of that quote, no?

Exclusive: Phil Collins reveals he will never drum again due to spine injury [Mirror via twentyfourbit]
Genesis – Abacab [YouTube]


  1. And just look at Mike Rutherford’s knees-bent guitar stance in the video above — that can’t be good for his posture, either!

  2. @Chris Molanphy: Luckily he has all those Mechanics around to help him out!


  3. Well that kinda sucks. As dire as most Collins-era Genesis and his solo work is, his drumming was fantastic once upon a time.

  4. Indeed Phil Collins drumming was all over the 70s-era british progressive stuff — you know, besides Yes, who sank the whole genre. The early Eno albums, Brand X, and a ton of others.

    If he really wants to drum he could keep doing it standing up perhaps. Though for a guy who has sold millions of records primarily on his vocal ‘talents’ isn’t drumming something one pays to have done for you?

  5. @chaircrusher: Now you take that back. Yes rooles!

  6. @chaircrusher:
    Yeah, at one point he could pay for the drummer from Yes to play for him while he sang in Genesis!
    As for “How do I say this…Throwdini!?!”…ouch!

  7. He did the drumming on my solo number by a former member of ABBA!

  8. FAVORITE solo number by a former member of ABBA. uggh. don’t drink and then check your rss feed, bcapirigi.

  9. This is a bummer. Browse around the youtubes for live early Genesis stuff–Collins was a prog drumming monster. (As opposed to the prog monster nutty Peter Gabriel conjured up in songs like “Return of the Giant Hogweed.”)

  10. He probably has herniated nucleus polposus or slip disc which really is a bitch in terms of producing back pain. Many people even need surgery for this with provision of implants in the vertebrae to keep it from collapsing even more. Aaah! Old age . . . we are all bound for that. I feel his pain though.

  11. frank

    phil sit up straight & use a longer stick make adjustment if your passtion is still there

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