A Reminder About Tonight’s Video Music Awards Liveblog: The Blog Will Be Coming From Inside The House

Sep 13th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Just a reminder that tonight I’ll be live-blogging this year’s MTV Video Music Awards beginning at 8 p.m. ET, and in what I guess is an upgrade from my normal live-blogging stations on various couches around the country, tonight’s transmissions will be coming to you live from the awards’ “media compound” on-site in New York City. And in what is either someone playing a joke on the Internet or a last-ditch effort to drum up some buzz for the telecast, a “winners list” that’s heavy on the GaGa leaked yesterday. It’s naturally been discounted by the network’s house organ, but it’ll sure be useful as a cheat sheet for tonight! Check it out after the jump.


Apparently GaGa’s performance might be “a classic”? Whatever, she already set her boobs on fire, so unless there’s some self-immolation involved I’m gonna say that said proclamation is a lot of hype.

[List via Rap Radar]


  1. jjb

    “Attention is not allowed to copy this list, and this list should not leave the headquarters of MTV until the day on which the VMA 2009.” Nice copy there.

    I will never understand why the entities whose documents are being faked describe the fakes as having “leaked.”

  2. In that case I’m rooting for self-immolation.

    I am curious about the Solange bit, and even though they’re not really my cup of tea I quite like listening to Muse live because of the vocal acrobatics involved. But mostly I want to see Lady GaGa give birth to a muppet baby while doing the hustle on stilts on a piece of thin glass over a shark’s tank while a children’s choir (and Taylor Swift) is set ablaze. It will be an instant classic.

    Attention is not allowed to copy this comment until the day on which the VMA 2009!

  3. If this is some sort of real, WHAT THE EFF with Eminem winning all those awards? Seriously, american teenagers. I don’t have that much of a problem with Gaga, because she’s like the new flavor, but Eminem? C’mon!

  4. @jjb: Well, to be fair, have you seen some of the chyrons that have made it to air across the MTV family of networks lately?

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