Is Susan Boyle’s Rolling Stones Cover Going To Save The Music Industry?

Given that I’m a little more interested in the weird Photoshop job that inserted the Simon Cowell-elevated singer Susan Boyle into the above tableau than her cover of “Wild Horses,” which was released yesterday via (sigh) Perez Hilton’s site, I’m going to say that this is a push. Preorder-related excitement aside, is a cover of one of the most covered Rolling Stones songs going to kick-start the record-buying impulse among a country of people who are increasingly averse to that sort of thing? I guess her appearance on tomorrow night’s America’s Got Talent finale will give us a hint. For now, a stream is after the jump.

Hearing Boyle’s version also made me want to bust out the dreamy take on the song by the British band the Sundays. So good, you know?

The Sundays – Wild Horses [YouTube]
Susan Boyle [Official site]

  • joshservo

    There’s part of me that wishes this story was just one word: “No.”

    Also, the location of the “play” triangle on the Boyle video stream makes it look like she’s wearing a kitty nose. Cute!

  • brasstax

    Harriet Wheeler…*swoon*

  • sassyone

    that photo has not been altered in anyway. It’s the real thing. the lighting is off because they used a light to light up her face.
    As for the song I’m so thrilled for her, it’s moved me to tears.

  • Richaod

    I actually kind of like this cover…. sounds mercifully free of Simon Cowell-type interference.

    Between the Rolling Stones and Madonna covers, I may even have to check this out myself. O_o

  • fabulousrobots

    Her voice sounds GREAT but listening to it does make me think of the amazing Sundays version, which I would much rather listen to. It’s good enough to make me want to hear other songs from the record, though.

  • ghostofduane1

    I can comment again! Huzzah! Anyway after hearing this tepid take I went on Spotify and heard about ten straight Wild Horses covers. The take-away is that no one’s ever done a halfway decent one, except maybe the Old & In The Way bluegrass version. I suppose it’s a good choice because it’s just such a damn good song, she can sing it plainly and comfortably within her style, and it will still work, but it’s still just too bland for my tastes.

  • fre2daa

    I uhm, sort of like it?

  • Thierry

    I guess this is going to be the perfect album for those who found Eva Cassidy too edgy?

  • bcapirigi

    I’ve never seen Fear, but the Sundays version always reminds me of my friend’s impression of Mark Wahlberg and Alyssa Milano on a rollercoaster, which apparently happens in the movie while that song is playing. That, and it also reminds me of Buffy and Angel at the prom. God, that’s a good song.

  • Adairdevil

    I am donning my cranky pants to say that the Sundays version always made me want to scream, “No no no no no! You cut the most important lyrics! And washed out all the country music pain of this song into something polite and shimmering!” This cover does the same. Her voice sounds nice in itself, but she could be singing slowly about breakfast cereal for all the emotion I’m getting off of it.

  • Lucacentric

    I think that Susan’s cover of “Wild Horses” is one of the best things about the whole album. She could do a whole disc of rock cover tunes and it would be amazing. Did anyone hear about the Susan Boyle special on the TV Guide channel Sunday the 13th? Here’s a link to a clip for it:

  • robert stephenson

    Well nine months on and your question has been answered. With 10 million Albums shifted worldwide – she (ms Boyle) did indeed save the record industry. Even Steven Colbert at the Grammies acknowledged the fact. I gather the second album is being recorded right now in London – and the world awaits! More power to your elbow SuBO!!!! Regards from the UK!!!!!