Is Susan Boyle’s Rolling Stones Cover Going To Save The Music Industry?

Given that I’m a little more interested in the weird Photoshop job that inserted the Simon Cowell-elevated singer Susan Boyle into the above tableau than her cover of “Wild Horses,” which was released yesterday via (sigh) Perez Hilton’s site, I’m going to say that this is a push. Preorder-related excitement aside, is a cover of one of the most covered Rolling Stones songs going to kick-start the record-buying impulse among a country of people who are increasingly averse to that sort of thing? I guess her appearance on tomorrow night’s America’s Got Talent finale will give us a hint. For now, a stream is after the jump.

Hearing Boyle’s version also made me want to bust out the dreamy take on the song by the British band the Sundays. So good, you know?
SUSAN BOYLE – WILD HORSES (BRAND NEW SINGLE) [YouTube]The Sundays – Wild Horses [YouTube]Susan Boyle [Official site]