will.i.am Auto-Tunes The Most Important News Item Of The Week

Can you remember a world before Kanye West’s Video Music Awards run-in? Clearly, his interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech on Sunday night was a watershed moment not just for our country’s celebrity-industrial complex, but for our budding media ethicists and underemployed Photoshop aficionados. In a move that reminds one of his holographic appearance on CNN during last year’s election season, Black Eyed Peas leader will.i.am has decided to put his own spin on the incident, mashing together Barack Obama’s declaration that West was a “jackass,” the music from West’s megahit “Heartless,” his personal feelings on how people are kind of ridiculous for making this a big deal, and a lot of Autotune. And, well… let’s just say that the phrase “diminishing returns” could be applied to this track, which at first sounds kind of like it’ll be OK but is then overtaken by Will’s “let’s get together” lyrics that could just as easily be applied to political skirmishes as they could fights between fans of Coke and his paymasters at Pepsi. Clip after the jump. Oh, nice insertion of your No. 1 single at the end there, will. I sure hope it extends your stranglehold on the top of the charts for another week!the jackass song [iamwill]