Statler And Waldorf Prepare Their Best Balcony Critiques For “Muppets Remastered”

Sep 18th, 2009 // 5 Comments

The beloved motley crew known as the Muppets will continue its curious hookups with the pop-music world next year with the release of Muppets Remastered, a covers album on which artists of today will cover Muppets-warbled tunes of yore. According to a Muppets fansite two tracks on the comp have been announced: Weezer will pay homage to its music-video co-stars with their take on “The Rainbow Connection,” while the Fray is going to take on “Mahna Mahna” (which I fear will have the unfortunate side effect of putting poor old Rowlf to sleep). I guess it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to think that the always-synergistic Lady GaGa will somehow be involved—perhaps she will sing, and perform a water ballet, to “Miss Piggy’s Fantasy”, and thus spark a big Lady-on-Miss row?

Me, I just hope they figure out a way to bring Alice Cooper back into the fold.

Disney23 Update: Special Muppets Presentation [The Muppet Mindset; HT Pitchfork]
Alice Cooper & The Muppets – Welcome To My Nightmare [YouTube]


  1. “Muppets Remastered” would be a very clever title if it came out last week.
    Additional snark: I suppose we can determine the relative clout of bands involved based on who gets to do “Rainbow Connection”. Looks like Weezer is the big name winner.

  2. I do so hope someone does a selection from “Sesame Street Fever.”

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